Newshosting Discount Code

Newshosting Discount Code

Does Newshosting Offer Coupon Codes?

Newshosting is a popular newsreader software. Naturally, you want to make a saving if you can, so you might look for coupon codes.

Unfortunately, Newshosting does not offer coupon codes. In fact there is not even a coupon code field on the checkout page.

However, don’t worry! When you use our special lifetime discount link , you can make great savings with no need to input a code.

How Much Can I Save On Newshosting?

When you use our special lifetime discount link, you can purchase Newshosting unlimited for just $9.99 a month (usually retails at $14.95), or buy a year long subscription for just $8.33 (usually retails at $12.95.) That’s a saving of over $50 per year!

Which Newshosting Plan Do I Need?

Newshosting offers three plans: Lite, Unlimited, and XL PowerPack. Which plan you need depends on your likely data usage and how many features you need.

Luckily, Newshosting makes it easy to choose your plan with their easy to use Plan Customizer  The Plan Customizer asks you:

  • If you want to get on Usenet with your web browse instead of a traditional newsreader
  • How often you access or plan to access Usenet every day
  • Whether security and encryption are important to you
  • Whether you ever have problems with your ISP throttling your internet speed
  • How long you plan to access Usenet for (for example, less than six months or more than a year)

Newshosting then calculates which plan is best for your needs. If possible we recommend you check out the Unlimited plan – it’s suitable for most needs and you can save more than $50 a year when you buy it using our exclusive lifetime discount link.

How Do I Claim My Newshosting Discount?

Claiming your Newshosting discount couldn’t be easier:

  1. First, click on our special lifetime access discount link
  2. Enter your email address to create an account
  3. Choose your payment method – Newshosting accepts credit cards (Visa, American Express, Delta, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Discover) or PayPal
  4. Fill out your billing and payment details
  5. Click “Subscribe”
    And you’re done! You can now use Newshosting to access Usenet and read articles and messages on all your favorite topics of interest.

Does Newshosting Offer A Free Trial?

If you’re wondering whether Newshosting is right for you, don’t worry! Newshosting offers a generous free trial so you can try it for yourself before deciding whether to buy a package.

All new Newshosting customers are welcome to sign up for a 14 day free trial, with a limit of 30GB.

We think a free trial is a great idea – but there are a couple of things to be aware of! First, that the free trial is only valid under 30GB so do be careful how much date you use during your free trial period.

Second, you do need to enter payment details for your free trial and at the end of the free trial period, your account will automatically be billed for the next payment. That is why you need to make sure you cancel before the end of the free trial if you don’t want to carry on with Newshosting – though we are sure once you try it out for yourself you will want to renew your membership!

Do you want to find news or opinions about any topic under the sun? Then it’s time to check out Usenet. Usenet is a world wide discussion net that predates much of the internet as we know it today. In fact, Usenet was first thought of in 1979 and first published in 1980, long before many of today’s internet users were even born!

But what is Usenet, how does it work, and why do you need a special hosting software for it?

Put simply, Usenet is a collection of channels or newsgroups on a variety of topics. Users post messages of their desired length into specific newsgroups. The messages are then shared with users in those newsgroups, but unlike the online message forums and bulletin boards we are used to today, the messages are only available for a certain length of time.

Users access these groups via a specialized piece of software called a newsreader, and can read and respond to messages there.

Why Pay For A Usenet Newsreader?

Newshosting gives you a dedicated Usenet newsreader with many features and benefits that you simply cannot get from a free option. Free newsreaders are frequently slow, unreliable, and not very secure. That’s why we recommend you purchase an inexpensive dedicated newsreader software, for a much better reading and sharing experience.

Why Should I Choose Newshosting?

There are many reasons to choose Newshosting. As we’ve already seen, a paid Usenet service is much faster and more reliable than any of the free services available, and it’s more secure too. If you’re going to use Usenet regularly, we think Newshosting is absolutely the way to go. Here are some more reasons to love Newshosting:

  1. 3328 day retention. This generous retention rate makes Usenet a winner in our eyes! Unlike today’s internet boards and forums, messages on Usenet are not available forever. Some services only offer a 30 day retention rate, so after 30 days you cannot read or comment on messages any more. However, Newshosting offers a generous 3328 day retention rate – that means messages are available to you for almost a decade!
  2. Unlimited speed and data transfer. You never have to worry about throttled speeds or running out of data before you can check out all the messages you want to see. With Newshosting you get unlimited data transfer and speed forever, so you can access Usenet as often and for as long as you want.
  3. Free Usenet browser. All users get access to Newshosting’s free Usenet browser. This powerful little piece of software makes browsing Usenet so fast and easy. With integrated search and file preview functions, you can browse for the content you want, find what you need, and preview before you start reading.
  4. Integrated VPN. We love this! Newshosting customers have the option to upgrade and add Newshosting VPN (Virtual Private Network) to their package (XL PowerPack users get it free.) Newshosting VPN shields your IP address and keeps you safe from malware, cyber crime, hackers, and other nasties, leaving you free to browse Usenet in peace and safety.
  5. Access to thousands and thousands of Usenet groups. Newshosting customers can access more than 100,000 uncensored Usenet newsgroups, so no matter what you want to read or talk about, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

If you want to access a huge archive of news and discussions on every topic imaginable, you need Usenet in your life. And if you need Usenet, you need Newsbrowser to make your time on Usenet smoother, safer, and more enjoyable.

Newsgroupdirect Coupon Code

If you’re on the fence about availing the Newsgroupdirect coupon, you’re in the right spot? 

As you might already know that unset is a collection of online discussions presented in the form of newsgroups.

To gain access to these newsgroups, you will need to subscribe for a newsgroup unset. This is where Newsgroupdirect comes in.

Newsgroupdirect is a famous site for the world’s best premium unset plan.

In this article, we will be discussing how you can easily claim Newsgroupdirect coupon codes. So let’s dive in.

Steps to Apply Newsgroupdirect Coupon Codes

This section of the post will tell you how to gain access to the sweet Newsgroupdirect coupons.

Ensure that you check whether or not they were working before you will be notified on the site when you enter.

Step 1: You will need to head over to this website by clicking here. Also you can go and check the monthly deals running Newsgroupdirect here –

Newsgroupdirect coupon code

Step 2: After you enter, you will be shown a list of deals. Click on show deal, and it will directly take you to the Newsgroupdirect website. This will mean that the deal has been successfully activated.

Step 3: There will be many options available; however, you can choose the coupon based on your personal preference and the plan you opt for. 

To successfully activate the coupon, you will have to make the payment by Signing Up to their website.

Even though the website will open through the above link provided, we will give you a backup link just in case which you can get by clicking here.

With around 150 000 users, Newsgroupdirect claims to be one of the best-unset data providers. It has a data retention of up to 1300 days and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The site also claims to have a 100% uptime. They have also been one of the oldest newsgroup companies, and the reviews are pretty great, too; you can look at them on their official website linked above.

Hence, you can put all your trust in them for providing you with the unset data.

Pros and cons of Newsgroupdirect.


  1. The company has the lowest pricing plans compared to the other companies in this business.
  2. Newsgroupdirect takes full responsibility for safety. bank-grade SSL-encryption makes sure about your unset access by encrypting the published and downloaded data.
  3. The company also provides fast buffering time, so there is no chance to wait for whatever he/she needs.
  4. It has the best internet performance with gaping speeds.
  5. It has a free Zero-Log VPN plan.
  6. It has fast and most accurate results with file previews.
  7. It is convenient to use, and there is no need for any software.
  8. It is considered much faster than the Internet service provider, which will be used for the news servers.


  1. Many people said during the survey that only 14GB of data is provided in a free trial which is not sufficient for them to know whether they should go for it or not.
  2. Some of them also said that Newsreader is only available with top-end plans, not others.
  3. There is no support for bitcoin.

Newsgroupdirect Pricing Plans.

If you care about the competitor’s price, you will be provided with the option to compare them right when you enter the price plans section.

In this section of the article, we will be discussing the different types of plans which you can opt for:

As a base, all the monthly plans will include benefits like binary retention, free posting, free headers. It will also have header compression.

However, these prices are considered to be quite cost-effective.

  • NGD + Supernews: This is the collaboration between Newsgroupdirect and super news. This way, you will get access to both the unset data of Newsgroupdirect and super news. In this plan, you will have an unlimited age of data. It costs around $7 per month with up to 3500 days of binary retention. You will have access to the ghost path VPN and super news. All the data will also be SSL Encrypted. 
  • Unlimited Yearly Plan: This is the same as above, but you won’t get access to super news. It costs $75 for this plan. When added up, it is less expensive than the NGD + super news plan, but it does come with the disadvantage that there is no access to the newsgroups by super news.
  • Unlimited 6 months Plan: This plan will cost you $40 and is the same as the yearly plan discussed above. However, as the name suggests, this plan will only be valid for 6 months.


Will I get a refund?

Ans 1.  The company claims that you will get your money back if you are not satisfied with the service within 30 days of usage. So make sure to raise money refund request within the first 30 days.

Can I avail myself of a free trial of Newsgroupdirect?

Unfortunately, you cannot opt-in for the free trial of Newsgroupdirect. However, they claim to have a 30-day money-back policy, so it does become an unofficial 30-day free trial


In this post, we have covered the steps to obtain the Wewsgroupdirect coupon and how you will apply it to claim the discount offers.

You will need to click on the deals that satisfy your needs and good to go.  Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Can I Get Usenetserver Free Trial Account?

Getting a UsenetServer free trial account is easy, all you have to do is follow our step-by-step guide and get your way through it.  

Here, we’ll not only provide you the step-by-step guide on how to get a UsenetServer free trial account but also its complete overview, features, and pricing details. Check out the whole piece for maximizing your benefits.

Let us take you through it without any further adieu. 

How To Get A Usenetserver Free Trial Account (step By Step)

You need to follow the step by step guide give below in order to claim UsenetServer free trial. 

Step #1 (Visit the official website)

To get things started, you first need to visit the official website of UsenetServer. For that, just click on our link and you’ll be instantly redirected to the site.

Once you’re there, click on the ‘GET STARTED’ button which will be right in the center of the screen.

Step #2 (Select your Free trial plan)

It’s time to choose which plan you want for your free trial. You’ll get three options to choose from. All the plans come with the same features. The only difference is that for the 12-month plan, you get the Zero log VPN at no extra cost. Whereas for the other two, you have to pay extra money. 

Choose your plan accordingly and click on ‘START NOW’.

[Note: you can add the VPN in your free trial at no extra cost.]

Step #3 (choose Your Payment Method)

You can pay on UsenetServer through 2 modes, credit cards, and PayPal. Choose your desired payment method and fill in the required details. Finally, click on ‘Join Now’ 

DONE! You’ve successfully activated the free trial service. 

Enjoy the user experience.

Launched in 1998, UsenetServer is a veteran Usenet provider. It has served millions of customers since then. Its lightning-fast servers along with its privacy policies are something which every customer admires of the service. 

Not only that, its retention period is of 4591 days, which means more than a decade of retention. They update their retention capacity continuingly so that no Usenet article is ever lost from its servers. That’s one massive plus point right there. 

One of the notable features of UsenetServer is its Global search feature, it’s a Usenet search interface, which allows you to search articles on the Usenet or create one of your own. Its Zero log VPN add-on is a huge plus point to the already feature-packed service, and if you buy the yearly plan, you don’t even have to pay any extra money for the VPN.

UsenetServer has connections to over 800 broadband access providers around the globe. In addition to that, it has several tier 1 bandwidth providers that give its users a lightning speed experience. With all these features combined with a fully secured 256-bit SSL encryption technology, UsenetServer is the ultimate Usenet provider.

UsenetServer Features

UsenetServer is feature-packed. Let us take you through its key features in detail.

Free SSL Connections:

For the safety and privacy of its users, UsenetServer comes with a 256-bit SSL encryption technology. This helps the users to stay highly secured while browsing through thousands of newsgroups on the Usenet.

A massive pool of Discussion Groups:

You can access over 110,000 discussion groups globally both text and binary. This allows the users to exchange their ideas with millions of other Usenet users.

Over 12 years of data retention:

UsenetServer has a massive storage architecture that allows them to retain data for 4587 days, which converts to over 12 years of retention. That’s more than any other Usenet provider.

Unlimited data transfer:

UsenetServer has well-peering relationships with all the major Usenet providers. That means the users get access to every article posted to Usenet anywhere around the globe.


UsenetServer has one of the lowest rates in the market. It provides its users with unlimited data access with up to 20 concurrent SSL connections. All this up to 75% less than other providers.

UsenetServer Pricing

UsenetServer lets you choose from three different plans. Let us take you through all the plans briefly.

1 Month plan: This plan costs $14.95/Month. 


  • 4589 Days Binary Retention.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Free unlimited Usenet search.
  • 256-bit SSL secured connections.

Add ons

Zero log VPN at $4.99/month.

3 Months plan: This plan costs $8.95/Month.


  • 4589 Days Binary Retention.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Free unlimited Usenet search.
  • 256-bit SSL secured connections.

Add ons

Zero log VPN at $4.00/month.

12 Months plan: This plan costs $7.95/Month. (most economical)


  • 4589 Days Binary Retention.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Free unlimited Usenet search.
  • 256-bit SSL secured connections.
  • FREE Zero log VPN 
#1 How do I cancel my account?

You can cancel the account from the control panel.
Here’s how to do it.
> Once you’re on the control panel, click on ‘Payment Methods’
> Click on ‘Cancel Your Account’ & ‘Cancel Your VPN’
If you have any query regarding the cancellation, contact their Customer Care by creating a ticket.

#2 How do I reactivate my account?

The account reactivation process can be done through the Control Panel.
Once you’re on the control panel, you have to click on a renewal link, either ‘Renew with Card’ or ‘Renew with PayPal’. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate option, click on ‘Submit’

#3 How do I change my account type?

For that, you need to contact their Customer Support and they will help you make changes to your account.

#4 Can I pay with a money order?

Yes, you can pay UsenetServer with a money order too.
There are some guidelines you must follow to make the payment.
There is a 3-month minimum period.
The money order must be paid in US dollars only. (non USD funds will be returned)
You must print out this Sign-up page and fill out all the information on it. Later join this page for your money order and you’re done.

This is their mailing address 

UNS Holdings Inc
Dept AT 953019
Atlanta, GA 31192-3019

#5 Are there any limits on the number of downloads?

No, there are no limits whatsoever on the number of downloads you can make from the UsenetServer’ side. Although, your ISP may have limits on the amount of data you can transfer in a given period. To check if there is any such restriction, contact your ISP.

#6 What are the Terms & Conditions of the service?

Here are all the T&C for the UsenteServer, please read them carefully before signing up.

#7 How can I create a Newsgroup?

Creating a newsgroup is a very complex process. Here is the detailed guide on how you can create a newsgroup using UsenetServer.


UsenetServer has been in the market since 1998, a veteran in the Usenet providers, it’s also one of the top trusted providers rated by users. Serving millions of customers and only growing.

We only suggest the best to our users and UsenetServer is among the best. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed. 

Also, we keep posting such detailed guides and How-Tos on our space regularly. Make sure to check our space from time to time for more such amazing offers

Easynews Free Trial

In a quest of how to get a Easynews free trial account?

It ends here. We’ve got you a step by step guide on how to claim the Easynews free trial account in just a few steps.

If you are someone who likes to enlighten or get enlightened about the current happenings, you should definitely give Easynews Usenet a try.

The only thing you will need is to sign up for a new account.

In order to make your first experience hassle-free, we have come up with this step-by-step guide, which will help you to get a free trial account on Easynews.

Do not dawdle; loosen up and go through the article thoroughly to claim your free trial on Easynews.

How to get a Easynews free trial account (step by step) 

Step #1: Visit the official website 

Click on the link to visit Easynews Usenet Newsgroup’s official website. Your journey with Easynews starts from here.

The website also shows the specifications of Usenet and a brief of what Easynews offers. 

Step #2: Click on Start free trial

On their homepage, you will see an option to Start free trial on the right side of the page in orange.

Click on the button to start your 14 days free trial. In this free trial period, you will be supplied with 50 GB of data to use. 

Step #3: Choose a plan

Easynews presents 3 tiered membership options for its users. Classic, Big gig, and Plus plan are the plans to choose from.

All the features, including the price of these plans, are mentioned on the page because of which it’s easy to select any one according to your desire.

Click on the chosen plan and then click on Start free trial at the bottom of the screen.

Step #4: Details and Payment

This step requires a valid E-mail ID. After entering your e-mail ID, you will need to select a payment method and enter the required details/ information.

You can either try to pay using a credit card or using PayPal. Both of the modes are safe and secured. 

[Note: Do not forget to click on accept the terms of service right above the “start now” button] 

Step #5: Start now

Once you click on Start Now, you will be an official member of Easynews. You can now enjoy your free trial of 14 days.

You will still remain a member even after the end of your trial and utilize the benefits of your membership. 

Easynews Key features

Easynews provides a lot of convenient features for its members. Few of which are mentioned below in short.  

Accessible Online

One of the biggest advantages of Easynews is that its content is available online worldwide. You can access anything from anywhere, anytime. 

Fastest download speeds

Easynews ensures to make your download experience smooth and effortless by not letting your download speed be throttled. 

Best searches

With the help of its uniquely designed web-based search technology, Easynews can provide you with the most accurate search results.

No configuration needed

Easynews is extremely user-friendly, and absolutely no setup is required to start with your account. All you require to do is sign up or log in, and you’re set to use it as per your desire. 

Ability to view, download and search files from the browser

Easynews gives you access to unlimited data that you can search, view, and/or download without any restrictions. 


Easynews has three different plans viz Classic plan, Big Gig plan, Plus Plan.

  • Classic Plan: $9.98/month
  • Big Gig Plan: $9.99/month
  • Plus Plan: $14.97/month
  1. Classic Plan: The very basic plan that Easynews offers is the classic plan, best designed for beginners. Costing only $9.98 per month makes it affordable for all kinds of members. 
  2. Big Gig Plan: This particular one is highly recommended for everyone. It is their best value plan since the cost is reduced to $9.99 from $29.94/3 months. Since free unlimited NNTP, as well as free Zero Log VPN, is already included in the package, you won’t have to worry about any extra cost. Most members of Easynews choose this plan because of the benefits and affordability. 
  3. Plus Plan: The biggest difference between the features of this plan and the classic plan is that the Plus plan offers more data per month as compared to the classic plan. Plus plan promises up to 40 GB downloads per month. This can be good for people who like to keep records of things or people into research.  

All of these plans are well suited for any purpose. It also has a few modification options regarding VPN and NNTP. 

Easynews Overview

Easynews Usenet is known for delivering the best search results with stunning speeds. Being one of the oldest names in Usenet newsgroup, Easynews has a massive user base.

Usenet provides its users with electronic newsgroups for discussion where information and opinions can be shared with people from any corner of the whole world.

You have the freedom to write and publish your own articles as well as express your views on the articles that you read. Newsgroup involves a list of varied topics categorized based on the content such as computers, science, humanity, recreation, social interest, debates, news, etc. Access to Easynews isn’t limited to just desktops is what makes it unique.

As it provides a browser-based interface, Easynews can also be accessed through various browsers (e.g., firefox, google chrome, safari) and its apps for android, windows, iOS. Easynews’ binary retention is, without a doubt, its best feature.

It refers to the amount of time the service offers binaries for; for Easynews, it’s about 4556 days, which is more than 12 years. Easynews is objected to having the best retention and keeping its servers updated for the same so that content from 12 years before would still be available.

Similarly, Easynews also aims at presenting the best search results to its users. With unlimited speed, more than 4.5 thousand days of binary retention, 60 connections, its performance so far has always been astounding.   

1. What is a NNTP server?

NNTP stands for Network News Transfer Protocol. It is specially designed for newsgroup articles. It is used for transferring articles to networks over the internet. 

2. How does unlimited NNTP work?

Easynews is accessible either through HTTP or the Usenet browser NNTP. Having unlimited NNTP means anything that you browse through NNTP will not be counted against your HTTP gigs. 

3. Does Easynews provide unlimited NNTP?

Yes, Easynews does offer unlimited NNTP in all of their plans at a reasonable cost. 

4. How do I reactivate my canceled Easynews account?

You can reactivate a canceled account by simply logging in here. After logging in, you need to update your payment details, and your account will be reactivated.

You can also change your password later on through account settings.

5. How does Easynews VPN support work?

Easynews presents a free Zero-log VPN included in the Big Gig plan.

Easynews also offers more than 80 VPN servers with hidden IP addresses. It even allows the use of two VPN servers simultaneously.

6. Why does my credit card keep getting declined at the time of payment?

Most of the times when a credit card is rejected are because the information filled in during payment does not match with the card details.

Make sure to double-check your filled information, so it matches exactly to your card details.

In case the problem still occurs, you can try using a different card or a different payment method. 


To conclude, we can surely say that Easynews is the best out there. It serves as it promises and is definitely worth using. Easynews is the oldest and the best to date.

We guarantee you will realize the same before even finishing your free trial. 

So without wasting any further time, let’s ensure to get your hands on the free trial using our guide and have fun reading and publishing. 

Please keep visiting our site from time-to-time for more such favorable offers.

Newshosting Free Trial

are you among the many who have come across the fantastic client called Newshosting for Usenet?

We bet you do, and you’re looking to test it before purchasing, just to be extra sure. It’s human nature, and we totally understand you in this case.

Do not worry. You can test the Newshosting service with a free trial account or check out Newshosting exclusive discount offer here

You don’t have to pay anything upfront, it’s totally free, and there are no hidden terms and conditions.

 In this article, we’re going to assist you in claiming your free trial account on Newshosting with our step-by-step guide.

Newshosting free trial
Newshosting Free trial Photo

The process will be done in just a few easy steps.

So, without wasting any more of your valuable time, let us show you how.

How to get a Newshosting free trial account (step by step)

Step #1 (Visit the official website)

By clicking on our link, you’ll be redirected to the official website of Newshosting.

Step #2 (Choose your preferred plan)

Once you’re on the official website, scroll down, and you’ll see three plans (Lite, Unlimited, and XL powerpack).

Below every plan, there will be an option to start a free trial of that specific plan.

Choose your desired pack and click on ‘START FREE TRIAL.’

Step #3 (Choose If you want a VPN)

This step is entirely optional.

After you click on the ‘START FREE TRIAL,’ you’ll be taken to the next window where you can select if you want to add a VPN service to your free trial or not.

If you wish to add the VPN service (Which we recommend you should), check the box saying ‘Add VPN’ and proceed further by scrolling down.

[ Note: if you select the XL powerpack, the VPN service comes pre-activated ]

Step #4 (Enter your Information & Checkout)

Finally, Enter your email and set a password for your account. Scroll down further below and select your payment method. And hit ‘SUBSCRIBE.’

Don’t worry. You won’t be charged right away. You can confirm it by having a looking at the billing summary. The price will be $0.

[ NOTE: You’ll only be charged after you exhaust your free usage limit, which is 30GBs, or you complete 14 days of your free trial. Whichever comes first.]

[ NOTE: Make sure you keep track of your free data limit so that you’re not charged ]

That’s it! You’ve now unlocked the free trial for Newshosting. Enjoy your experience.

Newshosting Features

Newshosting comes packed with features and makes sure you get the best of Usenets from your desk. Allow us to take you through the key features in brief.

Binary Retention :

Newsgroups have retention rates. They indicate the length of the time for which a post will be available to you.

In terms of retention rates, Newshosting supports over 4500+days of text as well as Binary retention. They claim to have the highest retention rate in the industry.

Superfast speed & Unlimited Downloads :

Newshosting offers the highest no. of SSL-secured connections out there in the market.

This allows you to ultimately maximize your bandwidth, which gives you superfast connection speed. Newshosting also allows Unlimited downloads.

Servers all around the globe:

Newshosting has its own multi-gigabit server farms set up all over the United States of America and many European countries.

This allows the fastest user experience on Usenet.

FREE Newsreader : 

Newshosting does care about its users. Along with so many unique features, it also provides a FREE, easy-to-use newsreader. This Newsreader has built-in search and file preview options. You can download it from here.

100000+ Uncensored Newsgroups :

With Newshosting, you get access to 110,000 uncensored newsgroups, it doesn’t stop there, it’s always growing and getting updated.

You can find the file of your choice in those groups easily. With Newshosting, you get the best of Usenet always. 

Military Grade encryption :

Newshosting takes your privacy and security seriously. All of their plans feature 256 Bit SSL secured encryption with no extra cost. Your valuable information won’t be shared with third parties ever, neither Newshosting will track your usage. 


Newshosting offers three plans. Let’s have a look at the pricing and services of each plan. 

LITE plan: this plan will cost you $10 each month. 

Services under this plan include 

  • 50 GBs of data per month. 
  • Up to 30 connections. 
  • Zero log VPN service.
  • Free Newsreader with search. 

UNLIMITED plan: this plan will cost you $12.95 per month.

Services under this plan include 

  • Unlimited downloads. 
  • Up to 30 connections. 
  • Zero log VPN policy. 
  • Free Newsreader with search. 

XL Powerpack plan: this plan will cost you $15.83 per month. 

Services under this plan include 

  • Unlimited downloads. 
  • Up to 60 connections. 
  • Zero log VPN service. 
  • Free Newsreader with search.

Even after knowing the basics of all the plans, you’re not sure which plan to choose. Head over to the Newshosting plan customizer and answer a few questions.

Based on your answers, Newshosting will suggest the best possible plan for you. Even after that, if you have any issue, you can always contact their customer helpline

Newshosting has been in the market since 1999, relatively new compared to some giants in the competition, but it has grown exponentially and stands tall with all its glory.

With its highest quality and superfast speeds, Newshosting has become the favorite of millions of users worldwide. The retention rate that they have to offer is quite astonishing.

While most of the other competitors provide just a few months of retention, Newshosting offers up to 4500+ days of binary retention of news articles. That’s like a decade of retention. Totally mind blowing.

Newshosting is a tier 1 service provider. What it means is that they own and operate their own server farms. 

Newshosting has all the features that a Usenet client needs, and it’s also packed with some extra features like a free newsreader and built-in no-log VPN, which makes it even more appealing.

Feel free to go ahead and check their service out. You won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions.

#1 Can I log in from multiple computers?

Newshosting accounts are subjected to a single IP address at a given time. You can use their service from more than one device as long as it’s not simultaneous.

#2 Which Newsgroups do Newshosting carry?

You can check the full list of newsgroups that Newshosting carries on their NNTP server by logging into their servers via Telnet and using the list command.

Take a note that most of the newsreaders out there pull Newshosting complete newsgroups lists by default.

#3 Can unused data of a previous month be used next month?

YES! With the LITE account (30 GBs per month), you can rollover the unused data to next month, up to 1TB. 
As with the Unlimited & XL powerpack plans having unlimited data each month, there is no worrying about unused data at all.

#4 How do I install Newshosting newsreader on my Linux OS?

Here are the links for the guides to install Newshosting newsreader on supported platforms
For Linux OS
For Windows OS
For Mac OS

#5 Which VPN service does Newshosting offer?

Newshosting has teamed up with Privado VPN to provide its users with an imported VPN service.

Moreover, Newshosting has a dedicated 24/7 helpline for VPN-related bug fixes.

#6 What payment options are accepted by Newshosting?

Newshosting currently has support for All types of Credit cards and PayPal for the payments.

They do not offer debit cards or any type of Cryptocurrency.

#7 How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, you need to first log in using your credentials and go to the Account Control Panel.

Next, click on ‘Update Your Payment’ and then click on ‘Cancel Account.’ If you come across any issue, contact their support team anytime.


To conclude things, We will indeed say that Newshosting is worth every penny and excellent service in itself.

The free trial should give you an insight about it. Try it with the help of our step-by-step guide and surf newsgroups like never before.

We keep updating our website on all the new and exciting offers. Check our space for more such tutorials and great offers.